Research experience

The institute intellectual property is compounded by 125 monographies, more than 7 thousand scientific articles and more than 3 thousand authorship certificates and patents, 198 of which are received over the last 5 years. The institute concludes and executes 20 license agreements. Employees advocated 49 doctoral and 289 master´s theses. The Institute for Superhard Materials of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine annually takes active part in international scientific projects, which are directed on the development and application of technologies for high pressure synthesis and sintering of structured materials in a broad range of pressures above 5 GPa and heating temperatures 500-2000  .

Annually the Institute carries out on the average up to 60 - 80 research projects, more than 350 technical developments under agreements and contracts with institutions and companies of NIS and other countries. For the years of the Institute´s activity, the members of its staff have been granted 2743 USSR and Ukrainian as well as 380 foreign patents, 27 licenses for the Institute´s developments have been sold abroad. More than 100 books and 5500 papers in the world leading journals by the researchers of the Institute have been published. Monographs of the scientists are published in Japan, China, USA, and France.


ISM organized the NATO Workshop “Innovative Superhard Materials and Sustainable Coatings” in Kiev (2004). Furthermore, ISM carries out active international cooperation during many years on the development of new superhard and structural materials, within joint international projects with leading European research centres.

The Institute has been awarded the "Golden Mercury" (1982) and "Golden Star - Arch of Europe" (1998) International Prizes. Researchers of the Institute have been awarded 20 State Prizes and Prizes in the name of outstanding scientists.

Prof. Nickolay V. Novikov, the Institute´s Director, was awarded with American Biographical Institute´s Lifetime Achievement Award and The International Biographical Centre Twentieth Century Award for Achievement.

In recent years the Institute is active in developing R & D projects for investments.