Info day in Warshaw

Info day in Warshaw, Poland on 23 September 2013 was organized with supported by the FP7 project START, "Boosting EU-Ukraine cooperation in the field of Superhard Materials", the project coordinator – ISM, project partner – UNIPRESS. Activity of NCP Poland is supported from EU FP7 project "NMP TeAm2"

The main objectives of the Information Day was:

•To present the structure and main features of the new EU funding program for research and innovation HORIZON 2020, including role and place of the thematic priority "Nanotechnologies, advanced materials and new production technologies" in the program.

•To inform the research and industrial communities in EU and Ukraine about the START project outcome;

•To present EU-Ukraine collaboration opportunities under HORIZON 2020 in the Nanotechnology and advanced materials areas.

•To discuss how to create common international projects with SMEs and research institutions.

The information day started with the welcome speech of Bogdan PALOSH, Volodymyr TURKEVYCH and Mr. PALOSH, introduced their colleges.

The participants presented the information about research institute and laboratories, among them was:

• Izabella GRZEGORY presented the information about Institute of High Pressure Physics

• Volodymyr TURKEVICH has presented the activities of the project START "Boosting EU-Ukraine cooperation in the field of superhard materials"

• Jaroslaw PIEKARSKI has presented the NMPTeAm2 project and report - "Nanotechnologies, advanced materials and new production technologies in HORIZON 2020"

• Ivan Kulchytskyy about opportunities collaboration EU-Ukraine under HORIZON 2020 in the Nanotechnology and advanced materials

• Volodymyr KUSHCH with report "Computer simulation of production technologies and mechanical behaviour of composite materials"

• Eugeniusz Jędrysik presented "Methano/DME manufacturing using biogas or syngas produced on Natural Gas low production well"Mariusz STACHNIK presented the cluster consisting of 6 research institutes, 1 local authority, 61 SMEs and 3 financial institution

Generally, Infoday caused great interest. The participants represented leading universities and research institutes from various Polish cities. Considering the atmosphere during the Infoday and the results of questionnaire, the participants were satisfied with the event. All participants indicated that they would attend a similar event again.