PR profile department of Information Technology and Telecommunications


Who we are

The department specializes in system analysis, management and processing of information in the development and application of new superhard materials, telecommunication systems and computer networks.

Collaboration interests

Methods of data mining to predict the development of new promising superhard materials. Installing the patterns and trends of science in information flows "Superhard materials".

Research Areas

• Database Management Systems

• Semantic neural network

• Methods of searching, recording, organizing, processing, storing, updating and analysis of scientific and technical information.

• Materials Research Ontology

•Information system

•Information Technology

• Internet - Conference

• ISM representation on the Internet.

Reference projects

Selection of NAS of Ukraine projects:

Development of an automated analysis system, prognosis of perspective tecnologies and use of superhard materials and Innovation and Investment software using Internet technologies (2002-2004)

Systematic use of materials science and corporate computer databases of UHM, forming and execution of research thematics of Institute (2005-2007)

Development of the programm complex for knowledge base management system in the field of the superhard materials production and application (2008-2010)


Full name of the Research Department:
Department Information Technology and Telecommunications
Full name of the Institute: Bakul
Institute for Superhard Materials NAS of
Country: Ukraine
Number of employees working in the
research division:
Working languages: Ukrainian, Russian,
Contact person:
Vladimir Kulakovskyy, ph.d
Position: Head of the Department
tel: +380 44 4688640