Intensive FP7 training courses

Intensive FP7 training courses of the project START will be organise in Bakul Institute for Superhard Material in 17-21 September 2012 to simulate the time-pressing and stressful procedure of preparing a research proposal and offer a ‘real‘ experience to ISM‘s researchers. Grouped in small teams (e.g. 4-5 researchers from different ISM‘s laboratories), they will have to draft all sections of a proposal, while they will be guided by experienced ‘internal‘ (from the consortium partners) and ‘external‘ (independent active FP7-ICT proposals‘ writers, evaluators and reviewers) experts.

Intensive FP7 training course will last for 5 ‘full‘ days and 20-25 researchers from different ISM‘s departments/laboratories/units will form few teams (4-5 researchers in each team). The trainees will bring their own ideas and will be assigned to develop each day specific parts of the proposal addressing relevant Objectives of the FP7-ICT workprogramme, while a group of experts will guide the participants throughout the training. The activities of the first 4 days will include an introductory 4-hours session by the experts to present the assignments of the each day, as well as the various aspects of the respective proposal section. For the rest of the day, a working area will be available for proposal development, while each team will receive exclusive face-to-face consulting by the tutors for 1 hour between with respect to the assignment. Please find the agenda of the intensive FP7 training courses at the Downloads

Teams ISM draft