Institute of High Pressure Physics, Poland

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Country: Poland
Contact person: Sylwester Porowski
phone: +48 509 058 742


Institute of High Pressure Physics (IHPP, Instytut Wysokich Cisnien Polskiej Akademii Nauk), also known as "Unipress", was founded in 1972 by Polish Academy of Sciences. The Institute is directed by Prof. Izabella Grzegory. For the outline of Unipress history please see "history of Unipress" page.

Although the original focus of Unipress was on high-pressure studies of semiconductors, the present field of research activities also covers ceramics, HTc superconductors biological materials (high-pressure studies of protein folding, and high pressure food processing) and the plasticity of metals (hydroextrusion). The common axis of these studies is the use of high pressure, both as a research tool (a perturbation like temperature or magnetic field) and also as a technological method (high-pressure sintering, high-pressure growth of crystals).